[CHLZ] Chillz Clan

A Gaming Clan that plays Fortnite Battle Royale and stretches across many platforms such as Xbox, PS4, PC, and Mobile!



Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Friday Fortnite Tournament!

    Grab your friend and compete in this Xbox and PS4 2v2 Tournament! Join this Discord to find out more information and to contact me! https://discord.gg/vV7jBzU


  • Hylian_Guy06

    Clan Change

    Hylian_Guy06 — Can you email me the discord link I had to make a new account it’s Chillz_Hylian Chillz_Hylian@icloud.com
    • sgurnea


      sgurnea — sup i would like to tryout for your clan  my ps4 is sgurnea and epic is TurkeyLiver
      • SenorWang


        SenorWang — Is there a discord for the clan?
        • nOtPeLoB

          joining a clan

          nOtPeLoB — um hey guys here first time in a clan i think im good well here im tryna find out so respond to me im play on xbox gamer tag Redredrum6789
          • TheXproLinus

            Joining clan

            TheXproLinus — I play on NA East on Xbox, I’m interested in joining the clan, I have 30 wins on my account right now and I have 90 on my old account 
            • Chillz_Qazi

              I play on NAE EAST am I in broooo

              Chillz_Qazi — Please DM me on Discord at Chillz_Qazi#5409 for the invite link!
              • Epic gamer yt

                I play on NAE EAST am I in broooo

                Epic gamer yt — LET ME IN IM ON NA EAST SERVERS
                • Epic gamer yt

                  Am I in please reply

                  Epic gamer yt — To dm me on Instagram or PS4 my PS4 gamer tag is cleanfrag the picture is a assassin and am I in?
                  • Chillz_Qazi


                    Chillz_Qazi — Message me on Discord at Chillz_Qazi#5409 so that I can confirm it and send you the clan invite link!
                    • Chillz_Qazi

                      Iz this clan still alive

                      Chillz_Qazi — Hello! Everyone is on Discord. Just message me on Discord at Chillz_Qazi#5409 and let me know its you!
                      • N1GHTnD4Y30

                        does this mean I'm in chillz

                        N1GHTnD4Y30 — .  
                        • N1GHTnD4Y30


                          N1GHTnD4Y30 — Aye i was wondering the criteria on how to join and what are the requirements
                          • Chillz_Qazi


                            Chillz_Qazi — Sorry for the late reply! Yes, you can still join but you need to message me on Disocrd your platform and how often you will be on. My Discord is Chillz_Qazi#5409!
                            • N1GHTnD4Y30

                              need recruits

                              N1GHTnD4Y30 — Aight i sent a request to discuss the same topic
                              • Chillz_Qazi

                                ~NEED RECRUITS~

                                Chillz_Qazi — @Chase99992323 Yes, you can! Please private message me on Discord ChillzQazi#5409 and we will get you setup!