[ENVY] iEnvy

iEnvy Is a Intermediate to Competitive clan. People who are ready to take it to the next step ( compete in tournaments, 1v1, Arena Duos) are welcome to this clan. Tryouts are held every Friday In our Creative Tryout Course. I play mostly on keyboard, but play on PS4 too. Anyone is totally welcome to tryout, but this a more competitive clan. Message me if you want to tryout, and we'll take it form there.


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  • U_Tilted

    Looking to join a Fortnite Clan

    U_Tilted — I will try and join, just hit me up and message me on my PS4: U_Tilted 
    • It'z_Toluu

      How to join

      It'z_Toluu — I'm a really good fortnite player and i've decided to take my gaming career to the next step and im looking on joing this clan
      • xDeaDx257


        xDeaDx257 — Hey guys. Im a new member from India. I play on ps4. Im kinda good at the game. Im looking forward to playing with you guys. My instagram: xDEADx257
        • RUTHLESS_Slays


          RUTHLESS_Slays — Beefjurgy are you down to 1v1 me I just want to see how good I am 
          • MythicKingNai

            Heyo! I’m down for a tryout! Lugicial or MythicKingNai

            MythicKingNai — You can add me! Lugicial or MythicKingNai
            • Officaillyfaded


              Officaillyfaded — Could I tryout
              • BobbyNacho55


                BobbyNacho55 — Hey I want to try out, I play on Xbox, my epic name is TTV.BobbyNacho, and my Xbox gamer tag is BobbyNacho55
                • iEnvy_Beefjurgy


                  iEnvy_Beefjurgy — hello, and thanks for choosing this clan. Ill send you a request, my username is beefjurgy
                  • RUTHLESS_Slays


                    RUTHLESS_Slays — hey im a decent player I would like to know when tryouts for the clans start  And I play on Xbox  my username is TrippiieRad 
                    • iEnvy_Beefjurgy


                      iEnvy_Beefjurgy —  Alright. Can you tell me your username so we can set up an tryout?  
                      • HashtagSrsly13


                        HashtagSrsly13 — Yeaaaaaaaah buddy!!!
                        • HashtagSrsly13

                          try pit

                          HashtagSrsly13 — Yeaaaaah buddy!!!
                          • iEnvy_Beefjurgy


                            iEnvy_Beefjurgy — Could you tell me your username and what platform you play on?
                            • Flying_Turtleman

                              iEnvy Tryouts: Message me here if you would like to tryout for the clan.

                              Flying_Turtleman — can i try out