Family Friendly Gamers

Looking for people who don’t get salty. I aim to make others have a good time. I will host a Fornite 1v1 tournament most weekends. The winners of these are our top players in solo. There will be 3 teams for each catagory. Solo, Duo, and Squads. If you want to tryout, email me at Fisher1026@gmail.com, or contact me on my Snapchat. I wont be byist towards anyone I know if there are any concerns. 

SC : fbonk4

or friend me on PS4 as Fisherb1026 

We only accept members on PS4, XBOX, or PC

Thank You.

you will need to join discord to keep up to date.




Fortnite 1v1 playground matches. Best of 3. Battles are orginized fights, and players will have same guns and meds. Winner of tournament will on the A team for solo's. Runner up will be B, and  third place gets C. Have fun and meet some new people. Get used to playing with others in the clan, bec...