[FTM] Fantom Mobile Clan

We are FTM, we are a team that focuses on mobile games. The games that we play are Fortnite / PUBG. We started with a new Discord Server because: our previous one has unfortunately been destroyed, but we’re back online. We are the official FTM, join us.



Upcoming Events

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Past Events

  • Fortnite

    Add TOXIC_Juan69


  • Mobile-Dest0yd


    Mobile-Dest0yd — my epic is Mobile-Destr0yd I am good at building bot not editing can I please try out I have added u
    • Gamer gg 3000


      Gamer gg 3000 — Hey any one want to play fortnite   
      • DReWzy

        Can i join clan

        DReWzy — Hi am i new too  
        • Gamer gg 3000


          Gamer gg 3000 — Yo i am a new member   
          • Ethan on IG.

            Discord Invite

            Ethan on IG. — discord invite has expired.. I can't use the invite. if someone could give me a new one please and thanks.  
            • TOAST

              May I Join This Clan ?

              TOAST — This is my new BATTLESTANDARD account because I lost my old account.
              • Maxikills1619

                Fortnite mobile

                Maxikills1619 — Want to run arena duos?
                • SED_SlippeSTrEam


                  SED_SlippeSTrEam — Can I try out my epic is SED_slippesTrEam I have 438 wins  I am currently in atlas but I would leave to join a mobile clan
                  • TOXIC_Juan69

                    May I join

                    TOXIC_Juan69 — Wanna be ma duo partner 
                    • lolak10bashiam04


                      lolak10bashiam04 — Hi
                      • Ashtontubb12

                        How many people on this clan

                        Ashtontubb12 — How many people in clan