ICE clan

Tryouts now age:11-17   have to be decent at the game

Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • arena

    arena duos


  • SebGill9

    Can I tryout

    SebGill9 — Want to tryout feel like I would be a good edition to this clan
    • JacobLanserYT

      Try out

      JacobLanserYT — I would like to try out im a good player with 200+ wins
      • Magilec


        Magilec —  hi! i would like to try out my fortnite name is Magilec
        • Hopperplays48


          Hopperplays48 — How do I join?
          • Trxpical

            lemme try out

            Trxpical — lemme try out
            • UNDO

              TRY OUTS

              UNDO — When can I try out?  
              • gaelpalacios5

                Try out

                gaelpalacios5 — When can I try out 
                • vizxn


                  vizxn — When can i tryout for the clan?  
                  • ICE_LOSO


                    ICE_LOSO — arena duos ?
                    • Nirmal_Blaze123

                      I want to join ICE clan

                      Nirmal_Blaze123 — hey, I’m a decent fortnite player and i am looking to join a clan. I used to be in a previous clan called Zero, but it got shut down. I am 13 and i play fortnite on PC. If someone from the clan wan...
                      • XxAliaxx

                        I am Alastair Aiken and I am 25

                        XxAliaxx — I am Ali a but I am not 11 to 17 but science I am a pro can I join   
                        • DarthVLinden

                          Try out

                          DarthVLinden — I would really appreciate it if I can try out for this clan. My user is "DarthVLinden" and I really hope to join you guys. I am 15 years old and I play on PSN and I play Fortnite Battle Royale. Enj...
                          • Ice automatic

                            My account on xbox live is XrTTVAutomaticX

                            Ice automatic — If you want to check my stats search eclxpz YT on fort its tracker  
                            • Hotcheese66

                              To clan leader

                              Hotcheese66 — Hi I am 11 looking for a tryout
                              • ICE SERFA

                                hi gus thanks for me to join

                                ICE SERFA — thanks alot
                                • Ikonik

                                  Join now first person to join is co-leader

                                  Ikonik —