[UT] UnTouched

Im trying to start a new clan send me your epic so we can 1v1 if you beat me your in if you don't I'll think about it.

If you want to join just add me on epic: Rios_Andrew and xbox: ItsTomBrady120(Co-Leader). Also add my friend on epic itzyaboi_concha(the leader) and Farbrosy on Xbox and add my other friend on Xbox ItsyourMom13105 


No racism

No bullying

No trash talking to teamates

Emote to any TTV kid you kill


Have a mic

Console only ps4 and xbox 

Max People= 10


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events


  • Dewah77


    Dewah77 — Hi can I tryout sometime this week? Im not the best but I try and Im pretty active. I play for fun and can add a competitive element when I need to. Hand me a hunting rifle abd I will wipe the lobby!
    • CrispyCharcoal


      CrispyCharcoal — Can I fight you this Saturday? Epic: CrispyCharcoal 
      • Timpro004


        Timpro004 — Yo can i tryout im 15 and my psn is timpro004
        • Epicnameis RoYaL_Bright


          Epicnameis RoYaL_Bright — I'm 12 I would like to try out for this clan. I can change my IGN if im accepted.
          • pluxerz


            pluxerz — 1v1 me my ign is pluxerz