Marauders Clan

Lord Tachanka needs you,

Are you looking for reliable teammates? Tired of grinding ranked alone? Or maybe you just need friends to enjoy the game better? well look no further!!

The Marauders is an international, you heard it; international, multi-gaming clan that focuses on skill before fun. You may ask why skill first? Simply because we have a heartfelt belief that as you grow and gain skill in your game, fun is a byproduct of winning more often. Unlike most clans, we don’t expect the new applicants to already be extremely skilled at the game they want to main. We teach them. We coach them. Aye, you read it right, we coach. One of our chief goals is that our members maintain a high level of play and are skilled at their main game and for that we have coaches, who have shown exquisite talent and are willing to pass their knowledge onwards. For communication we use both TeamSpeak and Discord, so you're free to choose which option suits you better!

Currently look to raise hell and win games!

If your interested head on over to our site and submit an application.

Let them know Craftymastema sent you :D



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