Hi guys join my clan and subscribe my youtube channel neontiger213 and add me in fortnite and join the discord

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  • neontiger213YT


    neontiger213YT — Leave the clan and go to [STK] NEON because I left this account by acident and don't know my password anymore so plz go to my new clan 
    • neontiger213YT


      neontiger213YT — the picture of the clan says shoot to kill
      • neontiger213YT


        neontiger213YT — Im sorry can you join the new fortnite clan because I forgot the password to it
        • Yt_impulsable


          Yt_impulsable — want to maybe run duos I’m interested if you have any rare skins that’s really cool I’m looking into further detail if anything add me on psn Kk06skillz