[OG] Original Gods Clan

Will accept for tryout if u have 1 win and been playing since S1/S2 OR can beat me in 1v1must have mic no toxic players if accepted you must add OG to the start of your gamertag


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • James Watson

    Xbox player been playing since season one 


  • Tidytrickshots82

    looking to tryout now

    Tidytrickshots82 — my name is xd narkiller
    • Rickert687

      I want to join your clan

      Rickert687 — I AM playing since S1 and want to join your clan. My gamertag is Rickert686.
      • fortnitesucksdud

        I want to try and 1v1 you.

        fortnitesucksdud — I play PC. I played since season 3. My username is fortnitesucksdud
        • blk

          what servers do you play on??

          blk — hey guys what servers do you play on??
          • the_revolverman

            want to tryout

            the_revolverman — my name is the_revolver man i have 115 wins and have played since season 1  
            • Tidytrickshots82


              Tidytrickshots82 — ok my names xd narkiller add me
              • Zedeno

                my discord is Zedeno#4061Z

                Zedeno — been playing since ssn 1 i have crackshot for a good og skin i would love to join this clan plz add me on my discord 
                • Tbagsupreme


                  Tbagsupreme — can i tryout ive been playing since season 2 and i have a mic my  gamertag is Tbagsupreme
                  • Malzadjali464


                    Malzadjali464 — Can I tryout I have 100 wins on ps4
                    • MateusFutKing10


                      MateusFutKing10 — Sry ive been afk in this for a while, can I have any information of how I can join this clan? Thank you.
                      • Raze-Dye


                        Raze-Dye — Can i join i have been playing since s1 epic name:Raze-Dye
                        • k0j1

                          Can i join?

                          k0j1 — I am started in season 1 and i have 130 wins
                          • ASSASSINJADEN12


                            ASSASSINJADEN12 — Can i tryout ? I have decemt amount of wins and i played from season 2  
                            • Olav21


                              Olav21 — Can i tryout? I played in season 2 and have a lot of wins
                              • alexgodwin31


                                alexgodwin31 — hi i would like to try out ive been playing since season 2 but would like to 1v1 you :) alexgodwin31
                                • TTV.d229


                                  TTV.d229 — Can I get a tryout I’m on ps4
                                  • TTV.d229


                                    TTV.d229 — Can I get a tryout I’m on ps4
                                    • Crixpy Killz


                                      Crixpy Killz — Can I tryout I have 400 wins
                                      • Gamerboi

                                        Can I try out I play on Nintendo switch tho

                                        Gamerboi — Dab
                                        • givi


                                          givi — can i get a tryout?
                                          • OG Founder


                                            OG Founder — Wats ur epic tag?
                                            • OG Founder

                                              Joining clan

                                              OG Founder — If u speak English
                                              • OG Founder


                                                OG Founder — For tryout info ask in thread