[PxZ] PhoenixZ

Hello everyone! This is a casual fortnite clan that wants to grow and be better! If we ever do get better, we will get in the competetive scheme. I have a discord server for it and hope to have fun! Be the first people to join now! Tryouts will be in discord. In order to be in, you have to have at least 5 wins from season 5-7



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  • Noodler


    Noodler — Tryout will be in discord https://discordapp.com/channels/520420997741019141/520420997741019159
    • nakaquacka


      nakaquacka — Can i tryout please? I'm EU and I'm a good player.
      • Dillan_D_villan

        Can I pls join

        Dillan_D_villan — Hi 11 12 wins played in season 3 highest kill game 19
        • Noodler

          Join my clan!

          Noodler — The first person to make it through tryouts and in my clan will be co-leader.