[RiZe] RiZe

Hey there! This clan is open to ANYONE!

Hope you have a good time here laughing

This clan's leader's Fortnite username is CoolSavageee! So go ahead and friend him and join RiZe!

In this clan:

- We play together and have fun

- Have build battles

- Play duos, squads or other game modes together

- Play around and chat

- And more fun and battles!


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Friday Night Playing Session

    Hey there! We will be opening a Friday Night Playing Session! It will start around 4PM! We don't know when we will finish yet 👌 Hope you guys will join! To join, please join CoolSavageee's party if he's online. If he's not, join another RiZe member that's online and play a Fortnite match with them!


  • RiZe_Google

    you guys on xbox?

    RiZe_Google — No, no trying out and any gaming platform is fine! Thanks for coming :)
    • RRewindd

      Psn name is goldslayer11

      RRewindd — Also my epic name is RRewindd    
      • RiZe_Google

        Can I join the clan rize

        RiZe_Google — Yes sure! Again, it's open for anyone!
        • Twitch_tfueslave


          Twitch_tfueslave — Only if you joined the clan Add me if you have more than 100 wins Username: saucegod_2006_   
          • RiZe_Kebz

            Where do you live?

            RiZe_Kebz — We are having some difficulties trying to play with our clan mates because we come from a variety of countries. It would be very helpful if everyone would write where they live so we can think of s...
            • RiZe_Google


              RiZe_Google — Yes sure! 
              • RiZe_Kebz


                RiZe_Kebz — My name is KevinJ307 but it’ll soon change to RiZe_Kebz!
                • RiZe_Kebz

                  Fortnite build battles

                  RiZe_Kebz — It matters where you live because of the time zone. I live in Asia so our times might be different
                  • Dreadlocck

                    To lars.exe

                    Dreadlocck — My username is RiZe_Dreadlocck
                    • Dreadlocck

                      To lars.exe

                      Dreadlocck — Sure I will do a build battle with u whats your username and what time do u wanna do it? :)
                      • RiZe_Google


                        RiZe_Google — Hey! Welcome!
                        • RiZe_Runner

                          sombody want to play

                          RiZe_Runner — My name is RiZe_Runner
                          • lars.exe


                            lars.exe — i would like to bluild battle
                            • RiZe_Google

                              Want to join plz

                              RiZe_Google — Yes, anyone can join without any requirements! Welcome to RiZe
                              • RiZe_Google


                                RiZe_Google — That's amazing! Welcome to RiZe!
                                • RiZe_Google

                                  Please Subscribe to LlamaLord!

                                  RiZe_Google — Hey everyone! I wanted to tell about my Youtube channel called LlamaLord, and if you enjoy watching my videos, please subscribe! Thank you https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLniwVsfq0nCSUNYGvPr5_g
                                  • RiZe_Google


                                    RiZe_Google — Sorry, I can't play today but I bet other ppl can play! You could ask them :)
                                    • RiZe_Google


                                      RiZe_Google — Yes, of course you can join! Don't worry about your accent 😁
                                      • RiZe_Google


                                        RiZe_Google — Hey Kebz! Welcome to RiZe 
                                        • RiZe_Google


                                          RiZe_Google — Welcome to RiZe! Hope you have a good time here!