Shrouded Guardians

Welcome to the Shrouded Clan Family! This is the First Clan in the family and we are already looking at making the third. We will be using the same discord to make a mega clan! It will always be smart to utilize discord to make groups as I don't think everyone will always be looking at bungie.net.

Welcome to Shrouded Souls clan, We are new clan (Old Friends) with high experience in Multiplier Games of all types. Currently we are looking for anyone to fill our clan to increase clan level to those awesome perks. We will be doing everything in connection with PVE and PVP content. That includes Raids, Strikes, Nightfall, World events, Crucibles and much more..


Also if you prefer to use Facebook ot make groups we have mad a Shrouded Clan page here... https://www.facebook.com/groups/139633083429019/



No upcoming events.


No dicussions.