Swarm Gaming


* 10 years or older 
* Xbox- We will be coming to all surfaces later 
* Own a mic/Have discord 

We play all games if you wanna play a different game then just ask (trash talking allowed but try to be friendly) we are across the world no matter what region 

I'm 13 but i'm looking for group of well balance players for scrims against others don't be afraid i am not the official leader we are all in charge i'm looking for a strong 12 members we will be doing a type of tryouts so be ready 

Instagram: ZTGgod
Xbox: Glizzy Kurby 
Snapchat: Foe Tru 
Discord: Infamousrelltv/ Channel link: https://discord.gg/3g2vB8ZT

Thats all the information (We will be making a twitter) Have a youtube or we will help you make one we will be making content 



No upcoming events.


No dicussions.