Team Motion

Team Motion is an esports team that has been evolving every day, valuing the passion for games, respect and loyalty of its members. Over time we will conquer a space in the competitive space that is esports.

We are not just looking for players, but honest and fun people to join our family. We do not tolerate toxic and immature people.

We need players who really want to take Motion to the limit of its greatness and thus surpass it.

Motion Family

Join our Team Motion server, a server for people who want to make Motion their future team, here you will find other players in many different games and countries.

We are always keeping an eye on this server, and if you excel in terms of games and personality (or perform really well), you may be invited to join as an official member of Team Motion.


Our channel:


Active leaders willing to help whatever the problem!

Contact me on Discord if you have any questions: 𝓙𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓹𝓱#0097 or Motion_Swifty#9197(edited)



No upcoming events.


No dicussions.