Team RaZe

Team RaZe is a pro fortnite player clan. Every of our clanmates  are ogs that starts playing that game since like s2-s.4. We have decent buildings and aims and are from different servers for example asia , na east... Our clan is a pretty relaxing gaming clan which means we dont really play intense tournaments or those things but some squads or duos instead just to have fun and get some dubs to make some contribution to the clan. Feel free to hit me up if anyone of you want to join Team RaZe. Right now we are having five owners and a few members in our clan and we are very welcome for more people to join Team RaZe. Contact me throught epic games or xbox if you want to join the clan. Some tests like 1v1s or interviews are need in the fortnite game to see your fortnite skills and everything. Feel free to join and it doesnt really matter whch server you play on, becausae you are welcomed to join anyways.   

Owners epic or xbox:
Xbox and epic: RaZe_JeRRy 
Xbox and epic: RaZe_Ayden



Forget about the time up there. This is just a reminder for all the new joined members. Skill tests are required to join the clan and also before you put down the suffix RaZe in your name to specify you are one of the clan members. The skill test is really and simple but it is also needed for the...