Team Aqua

Discord Link:

We are Team Aqua (AQ) 

We are an experienced team with huge potential that's growing daily! At Team Aqua We Love Competitive Play!  We have high ambitions to grow our name but most importantly our players names and careers.

We aim to be a highly recognized and respected Esports team in the near future.

Our pro competitive side is full of talent and future stars! please do not hesitate to become part of the movement.

What Team Aqua has:

- A Great Community
-{NEW} Contracts
- 2.7k+ YouTube subscribers
- 1k+ Instagram followers 
- 5.2k+ Discord Members
- Team Merchandise  
- Various Sponsors 
- Free GFX’s for you socials 
- Multiple ways to self promote
-Level 3 Perks in the Team Aqua Discord
-Our own Vanity URL (

We are looking for strong players to join our NA, and EU and OCE teams. We have an extremely strong team so far but are always on the lookout for new applicants. Hopefully you could bring the skill we need, We are a non toxic community and all friends who work hard to get us closer to the Esports dream, All of our players are dedicated and active. Everyone believes in this team and that someday we will make it to the top.

All of our regional teams have won prize money from competitions. 

If your looking for a friendly team with active members and a caring staff members then join Team Aqua Today. We'd love to have you onboard!

We have plenty of player roles and even staff roles so if you want to join this upcoming and exciting team then please apply or join Discord.

- Fortnite 
- Call of Duty
- Valorant
- Rocket League 
- League Of Legends


  • Vaffle
  • Hypex




Hi Everyone  This Is A new Event Starting Today  We Are Doing  2 GAMES Of Trios so We Need 6 Players by next Saturday At 4:00 Pm GMT Add Me So You can Play My Username JpsReviews Thank You All



Hey guys new member i play xbox but im tryna go pro so whoever wants with me ill be on around 4pm arizona times comment your user and we can play Im thinking about going into SoaR ive already contacted them

join event to know if you are in

this is a tornoment on the bhe 1v1 map but its a 4v4 btw i dont have mic and this is just for fun there is no reward

Arena Duos NAE Console or PC epic-ConverseGrain22

ya thats all i want

Arena Trios Comment epic gamertag

Squad Fills At 12:00 Xbox Profile EliteSlimeYT691/Call Duty Modern Warfare Name Is Kenwood1879

Arena trios and creative 1v1s 

Join my clan for give away s every week tryouts at 9am

All about fun in creative to see who is the best of the best and who ever wins everybody has follow  them on every single thing And subscribe if they have a YouTube.But only ten of you get to play


Hey everyone I am a small you tuber who is looking to grow my channel. I was wondering if anyone was interested in subscribing to my channel. If you do thank you i really appreciate it

I would really appreciate it if you guys would sub to my YouTube channel. It is called Unkrishable thanks. Here is the link

I would really appreciate it if you guys would sub to my YouTube channel. It is called Unkrishable thanks.

I'm looking for people on the euope server who want to play duos or squads... My epic is scarlettscull 

I just jouined this clan and I'm looking for people in the Europe server who are able to join me in squad or duo matches... My epic is scarlettscull if you want to join me at 9am

epic name is TTV Dark079237

my epic is TTV Dark079237

Do you want to 1 v 1 me my epic is FaZe TCoaksy


Join the clan so happy can I get the link to the Merch

Got to join give me yo epic names

Join to show skills, teamwork and to push levels and complete challenges. Fortnite acc is Adrenaline7184  Add me first. Good luck and thank you!

Yo I joined the clan real happy

Show up and show us what you got

lets get it

JOin up


Hey squads anyone

lets 1v1

Whoever wins gets a Dance gifted to them from me epic XxStephen07 

1v1 epic XxStephen07 

We are going to do a duo scrims on the map go goated

just some sweat lobbies

come and 1v1 and if u win you can be in the clan

Box fight pvp

I'm putting this tournament to test our skill to the maximum level. Add me epic name is youknowslipp no caps. Psn name is YOUKNOWSLIPP_YT caps thank you for your time. if you see that i did not get online it's cause i'm doing samething

I would like to face someone to show off my moves My Epic Acc is lee133si

my clan is now recruiting people to our clan called MercyEsports heres the link to were u need to apply

Can I try out 

I would like to try out for the clan please


join up..

 Hurry up and You might be able to join click that follow me if u want me to start streaming :)