[D] xXDarkClanXx

Pc, mobile, Xbox and ps4. To enter u have to do 3 or 4 challenges depending on how good u are. We dont critisise people and any one that dont follow the rules (rules will be told once in the  clan) will be on ban for a week, then a month, then perm ban.

Thx and we would love to see u in our clan

When submitting ur application state ur name and u have to have a mic and tell us ur epic games name.

P.s. when u are banned u will have a rank saying banned and if u join the fortnite party we will automatically kick u

Thx, The Clan 


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Party Time!!

    Its new year and we are going to have a big party on fortnite creative. Friend me @ DarkBroKit637 and join my creative and have fun. If u dont want to have the party and want to do tryouts then tell us in the disscusion with ur epic games name

  • Tryouts

    First tryouts. People on ps4 will friend the ps4 people and the xbox with the xbox people. If we are satisfied then we will call u on whattsapp and say that u are in the clan and we will tell u the rules of the clan. At least 1 or 2 of us will invite u to our clan. Also first two that apply will ...


  • Æmos


    Æmos — Hey! my name is Amos, my user is Æmos, anyways i am a 4 finger claw mobile player looking for a clan to join. and ive got what it takes to join. Thank you
    • Dark_Shadow


      Dark_Shadow — there is going to be tryouts on 22nd January 2019 at 6pm add me my name is DarkVulture 
      • yPxlumi


        yPxlumi — OK I shall tryal u now if that's alright add me yPxlumi but it will show up as AirxXapolloXx  
        • yPxlumi

          Try outs

          yPxlumi — Add me yPxlumi but it will show up as AirxXapolloXx   
          • DarkBroKit637


            DarkBroKit637 — if u guys want to tryout message us  
            • Writtenflea7855


              Writtenflea7855 — I want to try out for the dark clan whats your epic games name