[WOLF] The WOLF Clan

Hello! Welcome to the WOLF Clan, We are a new clan looking for members that have atleast some experiance in the game. We are a PC and PS4 Rainbow Six Seige clan. I am the Leader, WOLF.Frostyy If you have any questions add me on steam or Uplay. Steam: WOLF.Frostyy, Uplay: WOLF.Frostyy


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Friday night fortnite

    This is Friday fortnite only sloths karma00 and angry panda can play streaming on twitch.tv at 6:10pm pacific time


  • Atkinsonalfie49

    If I could join

    Atkinsonalfie49 — Hello I was just wondering If I could join in pretty  experienced  With the game my  main   Operators  are ash and   Jaeger   And I’m good in  defence 
    • EVMON_

      Clan 5v5?

      EVMON_ — why not  
      • Iron

        New members!

        Iron — Hello. I would love to join the clan and my role in a team is what is needed that's not a frag role. I usually play as a anchor on defence but if i must i can play roamer too. I would prefere to pl...