( TSS ) The Salty Sweats

Hello, We are The Salty Sweats. We are a experinced clan, And we are very welcoming. Think about it you mught want to join.


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Squads with my new clan

    Come join my clan and have some fun. Let's celebrate my new clan.


  • TSS BennyBlouツ

    Having problems?

    TSS BennyBlouツ — Guys please do not create a discussion anything to do with gamertags to tryouts text it in tryouts. If you want a rank in the clan text it in clan rankings.
    • TSS BennyBlouツ

      Clan Rankings!

      TSS BennyBlouツ — @Fenirm no there isnt a discord server and i will have to try you out to see how good you are I play on xbox 
      • TSS BennyBlouツ

        Tryouts for my clan!

        TSS BennyBlouツ — Ok @TSS Frozeey what is your gametag I will try you out when I am online  What is your GT