[ViZe] ViZe Clan

Competitive Fortnite Clan If you want to join, just press join and join the discord server https://discord.gg/7ZqbwtM 

 New dicord: https://discord.gg/eKJNDwz

Use code "vizerr_" in the item shop!


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Custom scrims

    Custom matchmaking scrims for ViZe Caln

  • Custom Scrims

    If you wanna participate add ViZerr_ on fortnite, tell us in the discussion below.


  • ViZer


    ViZer — Yeah
    • ViZer

      Join the discord to try out and participate in scrims

      ViZer — https://discord.gg/eKJNDwz
      • ViZer


        ViZer — Or I think it might be your local time
        • ViZer

          can i join

          ViZer — Tryouts are tomorrow 4AM ET
          • ViZer


            ViZer — The tryouts will happen this Wednesday 4AM ET. Please comment your username and tell me if you are busy at this time.
            • WiredGamingFox (Xbox psn: foxy2091)


              WiredGamingFox (Xbox psn: foxy2091) — I am joining this clan... Any requirements I have 2 solo wins I play on Xbox one. Thanks.