Anyone can join... but season 1-4 players are highly appreciated

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  • Atomicgamer360


    Atomicgamer360 — Im a meh player won two division 5 games  
    • RUTHLESS_Slays


      RUTHLESS_Slays — Welcome to RUTHLESS 
      • boss_sk8er101


        boss_sk8er101 — can i join
        • boss_sk8er101


          boss_sk8er101 — how do i join i play on mobile and have been playing since season 4
          • RUTHLESS_Slays


            RUTHLESS_Slays — Yes we do have a discord give me your profile name and number to invite u  
            • RUTHLESS_Psycho

              Just joined.

              RUTHLESS_Psycho — I want to try out, does this clan have a discord? 
              • SmokingWeed697

                just joined

                SmokingWeed697 — hi , just joined , I'm a season 1 player , would love to see you on the battle field
                • Stealth Aquatic


                  Stealth Aquatic — Yo slays just joined got 70 wins playing since late season 1 and would love to start playing more seriously
                  • RUTHLESS_Slays


                    RUTHLESS_Slays — Sup glad to have you in my clan Me and RUTHLESS_XAVIER are the founders of the clan soon we will have clothing with our name on them
                    • Razr_Ultimate543

                      joining clan

                      Razr_Ultimate543 — Hi i would like to join your clan i have a 1.01 KD and i have over 160 wins i have been playing since season 2 but got most of my wins (100 or so) within the past two seasons.
                      • RUTHLESS_Slays


                        RUTHLESS_Slays — Thank you for joining the clan  
                        • Waver_Mist


                          Waver_Mist — Also Hi Slays I just joined