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(Reign of Kings) House Darkclaw Lore

June 15, 2015 6:01 PM UTC
Here is some simple lore to help you guys make your characters for House Darkclaw in Reign of Kings. The domain that House Darkclaw lords over is named "Erdor" and is a forested region known for Werewolves as well as infected villagers that were once considered kin to the people of House Darkclaw. House Darkclaw got its' name from active werewolf hunting as well as the region they live in Members of House Darkclaw are xenophobic (They have a fear of outsiders) and thus are generally hostile towards non-members of the guild. The exception to this rule is when outsiders pay a certain tribute or want to perform a transaction or trade. Darkclaw members are known for advance tech (Crossbows, steel armor, siege weapons, etc.) House Darkclaw do not have a faith similar to that of others of the realm. Due to Their exodus and hearing no answer from their god, the priests of the old "Plague Town" are now Pagan priests with a zealous belief in many gods. This is just some of the lore and info I have so far.