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RTZRTZ esports
plat 3+ pc 2.00kd+ join for more info
This clan is about improving skills, and having fu with o...
BSKCBerserk Clan
We are here to have fun. And play as a team with competit...
LNGTeam Lineage
Team Lineage is a Console-based (Xbox & PlayStation) Clan...
PR clan
We're all about having fun and playing siege, we do not c...
we play Rainbow Six Siege
We will rock the scene
tfue is the best
XileTeam Xile
If you’re just tired of playing solo, or you are just wan...
PGPro Gamer (pg)
1.  To be honest I'm the only one in my clan right now. B...
FuZFuzioN Esports
We need 4 more person to finish off our team of 5, we wil...
Cool people only
New PS4 only clan add me on psn HyP_Canadian and ill add you
BlBlood lust
This is my first clan that I made and I am planning on ge...
TACPAlter Clan
Alter Clan~welcome to the official Alter Clan! The leader...
ESL Tournaments can be a lot of fun but hard as well so w...
VQVaque Clan
vaque clan is a semi good player clan, where not the best...