[AMP] AMP Fortnite [OCE Only]

We are a PS4/PC Fortnite team looking to break into the competitve scene and we are called Amplified. We are looking for good players who have a smart play style and can build well. If you would like to join feel free to as we accept people of all ages as long as they have mic.


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events

Past Events

  • Saturday AMP Tryouts

    Add AMP_Deadshot and AMP_L3gend on epic games  and they will test all of your skills and will determine whether you are in the clan.


  • Redspeakable

    hi, im avalible fridays saturdays and Sunday

    Redspeakable — thatswhenim avalible  
    • TheTerryBerry

      How to join?

      TheTerryBerry — Hey, I can't add you on epic, is there a discord? Or is that for if i pass tryouts? Epic: yzx Terry (I am gonna change it, yzx was my old clan.) Edit: btw when i add you it says "Sorry, this accoun...
      • Seeps

        Need a Clan

        Seeps — Yo, I added you guys on Epic, whats your discord? Can u guys trial me? Preferably tonight?
        • BanzzCanzz


          BanzzCanzz — i added AMP_Deadshot but AMP_L3gend was not found also can i start my tryouts now
          • Comet577


            Comet577 — What region do you play on 
            • AMP

              How to join

              AMP — Hey Guys, Sorry I didn't mention this in the description but here is how you get in. 1. Add AMP_L3gend and AMP_Deadshot via Epic Games. 2. Get in a playground match with either one of them (or both...
              • AMP


                AMP — There are tryouts, let me check with our recruitment staff to see when they are available to see if you are at our standards. What servers are you on, add me on Discord if you have it my name is AM...