• Q: What is BattleStandards?

    A: BattleStandards is a platform for clan and guild members to communicate and coordinate. Want to get everyone together for a raid? Just create a new event - everyone in the clan will get get notified and have the chance to RSVP to it. Want to share announcements or battle reports? Create a new discussion and your clanmates will get the update.

  • Q: How do I join a clan or guild?

    A: Joining a clan or guild is as easy as "thereisnocowlevel". First, find a group you're interested in joining by searching by game or keyword on the clans page. Once you've found a group that you vibe with, go to their page and click "Join clan".

  • Q: How do I create a clan or guild?

    A: So you're ready to lead a rugged band of misfits to glory? If so, click "Start a clan" in the navigation bar at the top of the page and fill out the form. Be sure to add details! Your clan will attract more members if it's well thought out. Here are some helpful details to include in your clan's description:

    • Background - What's your clan's like? Are you serious, goofy, professional trolls (you know, the kind that drive the wrong way in racing games), or a casual social group?
    • Play style - Are you casual or competitive?
    • Activities - Do you focus on raiding, PvP, tournaments, levelling, socializing, etc.?
    • Requirements - Do members need to have certain gear, experience, or level to join?

  • Q: How do I recruit new members to my clan or guild?

    A: The best way to get new members to join is to send your clan's link to potential members. Just copy the link that's in the URL bar when you're on your clan's page. Anyone who wants to join you clan can visit the link and click "Join clan".

  • Q: How do I communicate with my clan mates?

    A: Every time you do something in your clan (such as create a new event, RSVP to an event, post a discussion, etc.), your clanmates will get a notification. This will help everyone stay in touch so that you don't have to wait for them to come back to the site to see your message.