My name is Vaakal. And I'm the owner and creator of Arcanium , I started it because I wasn't able to find a mature group of players who were interested in playing R6 professionaly and didn't take it too serious

What qualities we look for?

- You have to have a microphone 
- You must be 15+ or mature 
- Be at-least Clearance Level 10+
- Be friendly
- Speak English 
- Understand tactical gaming and movement
- Follow In-game leader (IGL)
- Be able to accept critics and train yourself forward 
- Adapt to the roles given by the IGL
- Use common sense. 

What do we do?

- Play Ranked matches 
- Make our own tactics 
- Play together as team
- Train ourselves
- Moving forward towards starting in ESL
- Keeping R6 community a friendly place

I'm looking here for a 4 team mates (more may apply as a trial members) 

If you think you have what it takes to be accepted into our team we gladly consider you as a member of it! 
Please contact us at >
If you need add me on uPlay > Vaakal

From there we will contact you back and proceed further.