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What is Blacksky?


We are a multi-platform, global gaming community. Our mission is to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for all our members. We have casual gamers that play an array of games, as well as competitive teams competing in the MLG Ladders. Whatever it is you wish to get involved with, we will make sure that you have the support!


Blacksky Breakdown:


Our PC Community has a unique rank structure and has a Division for different games. New members are called Prospects and must pass a 3-5 day trial period before becoming an official BSK Member. Once a Prospect is promoted to the rank of Member they can participate in other BSK Activities such as but not limited to Tournaments, joining or starting a competitive team, changing their username to represent Blacksky, etc. Members can choose to either stay as a member or start their climb to the top ranks. Check out our Rank Structure located in the Rules & Information Forum for a better description of each rank.




In Blacksky it doesn't matter if you play once a day or once a week. However, if you are going to be offline or away for an extended period of time you, you are required to notify a leader in your area. Website activity is a requirement as well. PC Members are to use and remain active on our website by contributing to your Division's Forum. We also have Voice Channels located in our Discord Server, as well as a chatroom for each Division.


Competitive Teams:


If you are looking to step up to a more competitive style, we have a couple of PC Comp Teams for you to try out for. However they will not remain open for long! You are first required to pass your 3-5 days as a Prospect before being allowed to join or start a comp team. If you can't find an opening you are welcome to create your very own team. This can be done and explained when you are an official member. Our Teams are all currently for Rainbow Six Siege. However, I am looking to branch us into new games and set up teams.




BSK Vanguard currently is home to both our US and EU members. It's members mostly play Rainbow Six Siege, but is not currently linked to a specific game. Once we have an equal number of EU to US members we will be splitting the division and making a new one for our EU members.


How to Join?



If you'd like to get to know more about the community, please feel free to join our discord and ask!