Competitive Esports Team || We are the official Chronic Team, in this Clan post you will find a discord server link to our latest new Discord fan server,  (discord server: ) i am Chronic Xaltz the owner and a advertiser of Chronic Gaming. If you are interested in joining and getting a chance to show your skills please take the time to dm me at my discord Chronic xᴀʟᴛᴢ#0862 Any further questions about joining and i will get back to you as soon as possible! Add me on Xbox: Chronic Xaltz



If you are an Xbox gamer please come and join Team TopDown. All you have to do is search Team TopDown on battle standards and click join clan if you do so thank you for joining you can either tryout or just join just because why not.

Come join Team TopDown it’s a fresh new clan that is ready to take over the gaming industry 



I am a controller player on pc I am good at comp would love to join your clan it would be a dream come true my discord is 24k rin#0016 my epic is 24k rin 私 plazas try me out I promise you I am good 

Hi Xaltz,   Im Reaper and im wondering if I can tryout for Chronic my discord is SpookyFN#6788 and my epic is TORNADOREAPER/ Reaper On Gfuel. I am a nintendo switch player but you may underestimate my skill of the game of Fortnite.  Thanks, Reaper 

Hi Xaltz, when I tried to add you on discord or join the server it didn't work I was wondering if you could refresh the server link. Thanks, Reaper

hi my name is Daven and i would like to tryout for your clan i have been watching your videos for a long time now and i really like what your doing with your clan i have 338 wins and i play PS4 and im really good i know how to play good endgame. i my highest kill game is 26 and i would like to tr...

pls i wanna have a tryout for your fortnite clan pls  give me a chance i apreciate all of your members pls

Pls can I try out, I play on Xbox and I’m happy to do anything to try get in to your clan

Hopefully i can pass! I'm a s7 controller player, s3 mobile player, but I like console better I have OG skins

Can I tryout for your clan I play mobile ps4 Xbox and PC

It won’t let me join your discord 

It won’t let me join your discord 

Can I tryout for the clan I am really good at mobile Xbox ps4 an PC

Can I tryout I can play mobile ps4 Xbox or pc and I’m really good at all of them.

hit up ZH0NIC if your down to do a clan war the only rule is that you must record it.

Be there And you can 1v1 me my name is RevrsePlayzYT on ps4

someone told me to join chronic and many more people told me to join and i wanna try to apply i would like to tryout please - my ign is lmaolenny

I want to tryout I’m a ps4 player 

We will wager for how ever much money you have I am a beast and I am looking to do more wagers in the future. If you think that you can handle me the add me on fortnite at (NO CLOUT TOPGUN)

Hey, can I try out for chronic? I am a pretty good switch player with over 100 wins. I really want to join, and it is my dream to be in this clan. I hope I can.

Can I try out for Chronic? I am a good switch player, and have over 100 wins. I have been practicing since season 2. Even though I am on switch, I am pretty good.

i a big fan and i really won t to have a shot

can I join chronic pls, im actually pretty good at freestyling some 90s and some editing

Hi my name is Hayden I play fortnite everyday I post sometimes on YouTube and my YouTube is FR3SH12YT and that is also my gamertag on a season 4 player and my skins got Delos I had to make a new account. 

Hi I’m blockyandrew124 I post videos on TikTok about fortnite I have about 100k and I post every day can I try out

Can I try out

Can I tryout plz 

I have 150 wins and am trying out for different clans

I have 400+ wins and try hard to make it to your clan and think I can make it would love to try out and it would be a dream to make it in!!

I would like to tryout for the clan, I am a season 0 Fortnite player with over 350 wins, It could of been higher but know i usually train and 1v1 in creative and sometimes play arena. 

Hello Chronic Members, If anybody wants to attend Training or To tryout Send me a Friend Request! Epic - Kazi On 60 FPS after tryouts, there will be a squad tournament!

Im good. 

Want to try out for clan. Im a pretty good player. Have over 100wins

can i tryout im not bad im pretty good 

I want to tryout for the clan. plz and thanks

I want to be in Chronic can I please tryout 

I want to tryout

join TTV_Xgamer2145 on Fortnite. Write your gamer tag so I know who to accept


anyone want to do scrims.

Finding good partners for arena games. I am at division 7 more than 100 total wins. Hope to play with you all soon! *UK player EU server*

Have fun see ya there!!! ps. I can’t always use voice chat so plz don’t rage!

You must have 1,500 arena hype. Username: yaelelpro99990

I want to try out for cronic because I wanna get better at fortnite and to do that I feel like cronic should help me because this clan has a lot of great individuals who are really good at the game and I want to get better at this game so i know what it is like to be known for having a good talen...

1v1 me now  xbox name= THEBIGWAD2016

Προσθήκη μου σε ps4 ή επικό gamer όνομα Ps4 όνομα Itz_me_FrAnKo EpicGames όνομα Itz_me_FrAnKo 

“hit or miss, i guess she took the kids. huh”

“Join if you want to do Friday Fortnite !!!!!!!! Add My Epic active_f ”


My PSN is HooperMan81 just ad me

I am a new member so I want to se how good everyone is. 

Get in if you win

Hey, whoever runs this your discord server code is expired

I think we should have practice on fortnite today a t 6:00 PM we should have practice so we know how each other play

I think we should have practice on fortnite today a t 6:00 PM we should have practice so we know how each other play

That is my fortnite name coolahaha   

Exclusive $2,000 Junior Private Tournament available to all users ages 8-21 Years old can compete in the tournament, Game will be Solo match, Matchmaking Key will be announced in the tournaments page of the Discord Server link will be here: Also a bonus of 27,000 Vbuck...

Tryouts will be available to all players to who wish to join and give them a chance to join the Fan Support Team! if they wish to go higher they will have to contact Chronic via(twitter)