Competitive Esports Team || We are the official Chronic Team, in this Clan post you will find a discord server link to our latest new Discord fan server,  (discord server: ) i am Chronic Xaltz the owner and a advertiser of Chronic Gaming. If you are interested in joining and getting a chance to show your skills please take the time to dm me at my discord Chronic xᴀʟᴛᴢ#0862 Any further questions about joining and i will get back to you as soon as possible! Add me on Xbox: Chronic Xaltz

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

  • Tuesday Arena (Trio)

    You must have 1,500 arena hype. Username: yaelelpro99990

  • Trying out for cronic

    I want to try out for cronic because I wanna get better at fortnite and to do that I feel like cronic should help me because this clan has a lot of great individuals who are really good at the game and I want to get better at this game so i know what it is like to be known for having a good talen...

  • 1v1

    1v1 me now  xbox name= THEBIGWAD2016

  • Try out for Chronic

    Προσθήκη μου σε ps4 ή επικό gamer όνομα Ps4 όνομα Itz_me_FrAnKo EpicGames όνομα Itz_me_FrAnKo 

  • ninja gets ligma

    hit or miss, i guess she took the kids. huh

  • Friday Fortnite Practise

    Join if you want to do Friday Fortnite !!!!!!!! Add My Epic active_f 

  • Skrims

  • c


  • 1 v 1

    I am a new member so I want to se how good everyone is. 

  • Practice today

    I think we should have practice on fortnite today a t 6:00 PM we should have practice so we know how each other play

  • Practice today

    I think we should have practice on fortnite today a t 6:00 PM we should have practice so we know how each other play

  • TryOut

  • Coolahaha

    That is my fortnite name coolahaha   

  • Fortnite Junior Private Tournament

    Exclusive $2,000 Junior Private Tournament available to all users ages 8-21 Years old can compete in the tournament, Game will be Solo match, Matchmaking Key will be announced in the tournaments page of the Discord Server link will be here: Also a bonus of 27,000 Vbuck...

  • Tryouts

    Tryouts will be available to all players to who wish to join and give them a chance to join the Fan Support Team! if they wish to go higher they will have to contact Chronic via(twitter)


  • asherFTW107

    Joining the Clan

    asherFTW107 — hello guys, can I join the clan I am pretty good on controller Regards, AsherFTW107    
    • Reticent Aidan


      Reticent Aidan — I am a 14 year old player i have over 240 wins i have 250 arena points my ing name is Reticent Aidan please get to me if you can <3
      • Kingallen115107

        I want to join

        Kingallen115107 — I want to join I am 12 have 350 points in arenas and want to join so I can increase my playing 
        • EX0T1C23

          What is the clan’s discord

          EX0T1C23 — what is the clans discord
          • RedX

            This fake

            RedX — This clan is a damn lie and is not the real Chronics clan because no one in the real Chronic clan name is Xalts. Yall got click baited so leave
            • Carter

              joining chronic

              Carter — I want to join chronic because i feel that i am a good player and i'v been a fan for years i'm 11 years old almost 12 
              • ceko_angelov

                From ps4

                ceko_angelov — Can I join
                • P3N9UINZZ


                  P3N9UINZZ — Can i join 12 and play on xbox please
                  • dr_lllama


                    dr_lllama — ttv.dr_llama-i have 250 points in arena and want to take skill to the next level
                    • teamevocaid


                      teamevocaid — Oh i am also 15 years old and i play on ps4
                      • teamevocaid


                        teamevocaid — I can only play on the weekends but i am worth it i want to try out this saturday. Im good at building and good with shotguns my username is teamevocaid no caps. Pls 
                        • Lixツ


                          Lixツ — My username is yaelelpro99990
                          • Lixツ


                            Lixツ — I play fortnite from season 1 
                            • Lixツ

                              I want to join

                              Lixツ — I am 14 years old and I want to join, i´m good at the game. I play on ps4
                              • teborlean544

                                Try outs

                                teborlean544 — Hey My name it's Steven Jimenez I'm 16 years old I would love to join Chronic because I love playing  fortnite and I want to take my skills to the next level competitive and I started playing in se...
                                • HaydenDaBoss077


                                  HaydenDaBoss077 — Please can I try out I am a console god with 100+ wins and love watching chronic Jacob he is so good, it would be a dream if I could try out. All the best HaydenDaBoss077 
                                  • Hoodedfox77


                                    Hoodedfox77 — I’m trying to join your clan I’m 14 and I have 261 points in arena and I have 10,000 kills and 317 wins if you need more info dm me on insta @ui_riptide_77
                                    • Twitch.FlaminTTV

                                      Trying to join the clan

                                      Twitch.FlaminTTV — I am 13 and I am a pc player I play on NAE and I am a great scrim player and team player I have killed 2 pro players before including Natehill and sceptic. If you need anymore info dm me on discord...
                                      • sonson20071


                                        sonson20071 — thanks 
                                        • Jelly


                                          Jelly — can I tryout my username is ProguyBTW
                                          • Jelly

                                            discord link

                                            Jelly — the doiscord link expired  
                                            • Keleawesome2007

                                              Try outs

                                              Keleawesome2007 — I am a ps4 player and I am 11 years old. I want to join a clan/team because I have been playing video games my entire life but just for fun now I want to take it to another level. Thank you for rea...
                                              • Chronic leafs

                                                Try outs

                                                Chronic leafs — Hey, I'm a big fan and am good at fortnite I'm 13 and want to try out
                                                • Chronic BrAtZ


                                                  Chronic BrAtZ — Hey Chronic, when is the next Chronic tryouts? I would like to tryout!
                                                  • FingerGirl

                                                    Your Discord does not work

                                                    FingerGirl — Since the Discord doesnt work Im just going to leave my Discord here: BigBucketz#5035
                                                    • Alsp98

                                                      Joining chronic

                                                      Alsp98 — Hey I am 10 and I am good at  strategies  and I am a good teammate I only have a few wins but what I have learned from chronic members are that you need you keep pushing for your dreams and that is...
                                                      • chronic_Gray


                                                        chronic_Gray — do you have time to play today in a few minutes?  
                                                        • Chronic Ex


                                                          Chronic Ex — Hey aim, I checked out your stats and your pretty good, if you wanna run any time add me on Epic Games Chronic EX
                                                          • TheVicZz

                                                            Wanting to join this clan!

                                                            TheVicZz — Hey, I would like to join this clan it would be a good fit if you want to contact me u can always add me on ps4 my name is TheVicZz
                                                            • TTV.RIFLE117


                                                              TTV.RIFLE117 — i want to tryout for the clan I’m pretty good in this game if you see This and want to discuss add me . My epic username name is TTV.RIFLE117
                                                              • DIZZY_alllex


                                                                DIZZY_alllex — Hi!  My name is Alexander and im 12 years old, i have started playing Fortnite in the begining of season 2. The reason why i want to join chronic is that i wanna evolve my game and i think i would ...
                                                                • Twitch_dizzymelle


                                                                  Twitch_dizzymelle — hello i am going to do tryot to dy but youre discrd server not working
                                                                  • enlightdreams415

                                                                    chronic xaltz

                                                                    enlightdreams415 — i saw your kd youre good, if u wanna run add me
                                                                    • enlightdreams415


                                                                      enlightdreams415 — IF ANYONE IN THIS CLAN HAS ABOVE A 3.5 KD ADD TTV_OP_Dreams on ps4 asap i am in need of good players to run with. message my psn for more details on being my partner or playing with me
                                                                      • Twitch_dizzymelle


                                                                        Twitch_dizzymelle — hi i am 12 years old im pc player i whana do a tryout if i can my epic name is söker flick vänn and my other acount is twitch wildl3ss
                                                                        • isiahiscool123


                                                                          isiahiscool123 — can i plz tryout
                                                                          • BlazeSickel

                                                                            trying out

                                                                            BlazeSickel —  just plz respond to my comment to let me know about trying out
                                                                            • BlazeSickel

                                                                              trying out

                                                                              BlazeSickel — can i tryout at Saturday 6:45pm my name is BlazeSickel
                                                                              • Coolahaha

                                                                                Talking about me the mobile player

                                                                                Coolahaha — Can I tryout I am a good not the best mobile player but can I at least try 
                                                                                • Raze Leader YT

                                                                                  Hei I wana join clan I’m season 1 player

                                                                                  Raze Leader YT — I love fortnite I’m season 1 player
                                                                                  • chronic_Gray

                                                                                    Hei I wana join clan I’m season 1 player

                                                                                    chronic_Gray — yo my man, your gonna try out with me, you will be 1v1ing me.
                                                                                    • Riot_Joke

                                                                                      I have a Problem

                                                                                      Riot_Joke — Bro Xaltz i can't add you on discord but im looking foward to trying out i've been watching chronic for the longest. I have a youtube with 1.1k. It is Riot_Joke and my discord is KingBeast4829#0685...
                                                                                      • zibrrrrrraedan

                                                                                        Try out

                                                                                        zibrrrrrraedan — and also I try so hard  to edit my stream and this clan look good
                                                                                        • zibrrrrrraedan

                                                                                          Try out

                                                                                          zibrrrrrraedan — I want to try out  Chronic because it a cool clan
                                                                                          • MightyAngel

                                                                                            Joinng the clan

                                                                                            MightyAngel — HeyIwas wondering if i can join your clan i have worked so hard on streaming and editing streams and was looking for a good team chronic seems to be the fit
                                                                                            • Gobilfish

                                                                                              Add me on discord

                                                                                              Gobilfish — My discord is Gobilfish#5431
                                                                                              • Gobilfish


                                                                                                Gobilfish — Can I tryout on today 2-22-19 at 6pm pst
                                                                                                • RayDbeast

                                                                                                  I can do tryouts on Friday

                                                                                                  RayDbeast — So meet you there  
                                                                                                  • WiCkEdGiAnT


                                                                                                    WiCkEdGiAnT — I'm really good and want to tryout my epic name is wwekid11606
                                                                                                    • TFG_Samsaga921


                                                                                                      TFG_Samsaga921 — the discord doesn’t work
                                                                                                      • Sythe D

                                                                                                        Can I join

                                                                                                        Sythe D — Can I join
                                                                                                        • MCryptic

                                                                                                          tryout to join

                                                                                                          MCryptic — yo i just wanna try to see if i am good xd
                                                                                                          • JrMarquez9


                                                                                                            JrMarquez9 — Can I tryout 
                                                                                                            • not uwu Autistic


                                                                                                              not uwu Autistic — can i tryout?  
                                                                                                              • ikkedj


                                                                                                                ikkedj — can i and a friend do clan tryouts pls?
                                                                                                                • ttvsor

                                                                                                                  Not Fluffy

                                                                                                                  ttvsor — can i tryout  
                                                                                                                  • Not_Fluffy

                                                                                                                    Clan tryout

                                                                                                                    Not_Fluffy — Can I tryout?
                                                                                                                    • TFG_Samsaga921


                                                                                                                      TFG_Samsaga921 — Your discord doesn’t work