CoT (Children of Tachanka)

CoT (Children of Tachanka) PC-clan is recruiting!

We are a small clan with our own teamspeak server.
We are looking for players above 100 with headset and microphone.
You should be atleast 16 years old and play actively Rainbow Six Siege.
Our goals are to create and launch an elite division (probably for ESL qualfications) by recruiting good players.
A ranking system will show your skill to everybody who visits our teamspeak server.
We will also start uploading on Youtube.
Our Team:
MadTraxx (rank 140, gold 3, German, Polish, English)
Keiron36 (rank 146, gold 3, German, English)
Bloodsense (rank 112, gold 1, German, English)
weaster42 (rank 136, gold 1, German, English)
You should try to constantly play with two attack operators and two defenders (so we can plan new tactics).
If you want to join us, visit our Teamspeak Server (IP: or add CoT_MadTraxx or Cot_Keiron36. on Uplay, or Keiron on Steam.