[DaZ] DaZed

Hi looking for clan members fluent English 12+

must be at least silver rank and above level 30 mainly looking for mature people who can work well in a team pull their own weight and possibly the team sometimes obviously have fun but don't do anything stupid in rank and joke in between rounds and not during especially if we are losing if interested add Ninja Deathlock on Xbox if enough people join I will change my gamer tag and will hope you will too. We will do training in custom games from time to time against each other. 


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  • OV3RK1LL

    Can I join??

    OV3RK1LL — My name is AlfieH11 on Xbox and I am only copper 4 I want a clan who is willing to help me get better
    • jasonxkill

      Wanting to join clan

      jasonxkill — Hi my GT Is jasonxkill I'm 13 looking for a  clan lvl 40 and gold 4 used to be gold 3 I am good and play better then the things I am do not mind my stats they are not pleasant but I'm good
      • Minty

        Can i Join GamerTag(X32XFIRE)

        Minty — Im a level 133 and i am decent at the game i was plat 3 last season and so far im gold one and my name can change if nececary 
        • Sm4shCloud

          Can I join your clan?

          Sm4shCloud — I'm also play R6S on Xbox and my gamertag is Sm4shCloud
          • Thorrek

            Join clan

            Thorrek — Can i be in?  
            • Orbit

              Are You on xbox?

              Orbit —  
              • tantheman

                Can i join??

                tantheman — If i can join add me on steam beiergaming and i would be willing to play anytime