Default Clan

People say defaults are disappearing thats true, but we shall join together, we shall train in the shadows, so the bullies will regret bullying us. They shall fear when they hear the default name. Join us and make the bullys pay! To join first freind Default_Banshee, next join my party and tell me you want to join my clan, then we will go to my creative serve and do i easy task. Lastly you can change your name if you want, just put the word default in front of your name,example (Default_You). WELCOME TO OUR CLAN!

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    THIS SUNDAY YOU CAN TRY OUT!! Tryouts start at 11:00AM-12:00PM

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    Try Out

    DUB D RICH — Can I try out?
    • Twittxh_NFF12

      Am name on fortnite is: Twittxh_NFF12

      Twittxh_NFF12 — So i wanted to 1v1 some of u guys to see if u guys are good.
      • dc_NiTR0


        dc_NiTR0 — are the tryouts today because i Sent You a friend request at 11:08 and u haven’t responded since
        • IdkWhatToName


          IdkWhatToName — I live in England but on Sunday from 8am-10am (English time) or 3am - 5am (American time) i will be online and also from 10am ' 2pm american time so i will friend request you and do a tryout then
          • Tardis_boy

            Can I tryout?

            Tardis_boy — Whats up defaults Can I tryout?