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 #Dreamstate Apex Legend eSports Roster Recruitment Details
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What we're looking for:
Currently expanding in Apex, we have an eSports roster of around 5 Players with a captain /w training acadamy and other perks/bonuses.
If you're interested in being part of a movement, not just a family. This is the place for you, small incite of our team shirts. Our team is already playing in cash prize tournaments and attending Lan Tournaments, we'll at Novembers Dreamhack for a meet and greet. We have a lot of promotion planned over the next 6 months!

Who we are
We’re a gaming organization which has just decided to expand into the competitive sectors of games, we currently have 3 competitive roster teams (Apex Legend, Lost Ark & World of Warcraft) under the brand Dreamstate participating in cash tournaments & attempting to make there marks on the eSports scenes. We’ve been within the top 5 Guilds on Moonkeep since release of the EUW Region, were determined to keep it that way! When we commit to anything competitive, you bet it’s done completely or not at all. We’ve got animated branding, copyrighted branding/logos, adaptive discord and a fully incorporated website.

What you can expect from us
➟ Mature & experienced leadership teams for each sector
➟ Professional, strong & most importantly efficient systems & structure to provide the best gaming environment possible
➟ A strong orientated family like atmosphere & community
➟ Constant high tier giveaways, tournaments & competitions
➟Several different avenues to prosper & grow as a brand or person within our org (Premium
tools, completely free of charge)
➟ We have our own complete pack programs designed primarily for growth (Content creator package, esports team packages etc)
➟ Dynamically changing & constantly adapting Discord server, website & more

What we expect from you
We’re a community first and foremost so a level of maturity is required.
You’ll be expected to act your age at all times, be socially engaging, motivated & most importantly outgoing enough to mingle with new players.
We have a range of regulations which are adhered to 24/7, active kick timers, pre-warned notice for raid absences just to name a few.
We currently don’t have anyone under the age of 21 within the org or guild itself, not through direct requirement but due to regulations it seems to attract more focused individuals.

We are currently only interested in ACTIVE, LONG-TERM & COMMITTED Players! We have limited spots & don’t recruit via most avenues other guilds do for the reason we want to attract different. 




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