Dynasty eSports

Dynasty eSports Motto We Don't Grow If There's isn't Something to Grow to. About Us Dynasty eSports - Found By Im a Spaceman#6981 in August 2018. Starting Fortnite Clan Seeking For Members, Designers And Admins. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: Must play on any of the following platforms: PC,XBOX,PS4,MOBILE. Must play Fortnite. We don't want people who never touched Fortnite ever in their lives. Be Friendly and Kind to the other Members of the Dynasty Family. How to Apply DM Im a Spaceman#6981 on Discord. In Game Name: Im a Spaceman Events In the near future we will do Tournaments and Snipes. Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! -"Dynasty eSports" We still seeking for Admins and Designers so feel free to ask for it.