Enjoi Gaming

Enjoi Gaming
Hello, I’m Stravix the owner of Enjoi Esports! I’m here looking for people who would love to join a vastly growing community of NA console players! To join the community has no restrictions! You get to enter into giveaways, events, do scrims with our team, play on a daily basis with no toxicity. And a step up from that, as a member of our team we offer even more! 100+ members in the community, 20+ on the team and still growing! We are also looking for ACTIVE Streamers, Media, recruiters, and Staff, to come and help us grow!

We welcome all, 99% of our players are console, If you find any of this exciting or something you would love to join and be apart of, Dm me and we will get you sorted. Happy gaming and make sure to always…Enjoi!!



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