Welcome yourselves with Fear! We are a friendly community and very committed and helpful... If you want to strike fear into your opponents and show fierce competition and competitive experience, this is the right clan for you! We're slowly gradually recruitments, currently have 6 now... The more the merrier! 


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  • XCustomAlpha


    XCustomAlpha — I would like to join the clan I have over 300 wins I’m good at the game I live in the uk and I play on ps4 so yh text me your epic games and I’ll add u and we can play 
    • tHe siBle

      How do I join

      tHe siBle — i have over 60 wins.
      • Toxicated_Retr0


        Toxicated_Retr0 — Hey! im tocicated_retr0 ar known on psn as eli_him-coldcity. i would like to tryout for the clan named F3ar
        • Warr


          Warr — Can i tryout for this clan?
          • F3AR.-_alwaysmlg

            I dunno

            F3AR.-_alwaysmlg — I’m not sure  
            • Lord Grumpy

              Do we have a discord?

              Lord Grumpy — DO we have a discord so I can talk and things
              • Jdearia

                Do you guys play on pc

                Jdearia — my epic name is Sour_Jdearia