[fdc] fake defaults

fake defaults is a cool clan based off the game Fortnite. In order to stay in my clan you must do the steps in the my discussion. Subscribe to my YouTube channel soccerallie30 GAMING and also my friend Nickster091YT's channel Nickster 091. 


Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events


  • soccerallie30


    soccerallie30 — Some of you have been asking about events, how to stay in the clan, and the members of this clan. The events are coming soon when me (soccerallie30) and Nickster091 are both available at the same t...
    • soccerallie30

      Welcome deplux-lever310

      soccerallie30 — Welcome to my clan!! I added you and I will do tryouts in a little while
      • soccerallie30

        Welcome Karma98

        soccerallie30 — Please add me on epic I tried but your username was not found. We will do tryouts soon
        • soccerallie30

          Rules For My Clan

          soccerallie30 — -be respectful -do the steps to stay in the clan -listen to soccerallie30 because dont think you can do what you want in the upcoming events -may not skip up to 3 events or you will be kicked out -...
          • 40kNickster091YT

            I just want to say hi

            40kNickster091YT — Hi