[RNG] FaZe clan

We need more players in FaZe Pc,Psn,Xbox,nintendo,mobile


Sencerly, FaZe clan



can you help me i just joined the clan

U?1v1 Can i join FaZe clan?? I 1v1 u?

can i 1v1 to join 

Hey guys. 1v1 me if you want to get destroyed. And if you don’t believe that I’m cracked, check out my YouTube channel at AfterEcho YT


Can I be in or do I need to tryout 

Only rare skins can 1v1 me 

I am very good at this game and I rely want to be with the clan and I am the best

Make sure to get in my discord to join the fashion show I will tell y’all when I get it goin

Wanna drop off a ass clan

Wanna drop off a ass clan

if you beat me ill gift anything

Hi I want to join your fortnite clan 

Anyone who has fortnite on any console join me and we can run some duos or squads

I want trail on switch 

I want a trail 

1v1 me add me at TTV_FaZe_mickman

Play Fortnite friday with me... add me on fortnite- NotRudraksh, Discord- NOTRudraksh#9564

Must be quite decent 

Most   kills

Friend this account and join my party to 1v1 me and/or other people in build battles