Faze Clan (PS4 and Xbox)

Here at Faze we will be doing a alot of exciting things Creative matches, duo's and squads and improve players skills so come join if your interested



Fortnite tournement creative winner will receive gifted item from me a couple days later my epic is DeathShadowsssss and if you want to contact me my email is corbyngillard@icloud.com 

Put on the rox skin 

Xbox 1vs1

Join my epic Bradtheboyy

My epic games name is Evade hyphen 

Join my epic Bradtheboyy

Join my epic ItzKyrzzYT and sub on youtube: ItzKyrzzYT

Best out of 3

🤛🐶🍪🍩🏆🥇🎖🏅You bout to get clapped  and your trash     Hello     


No kill untill last circle

My seven thirty is Central Standard so keep an aye on what time zone you're in. Let's get dubs and some group training in at the same time!

Let's get some group training and dubs at the same time, people!