FaZe JR's

FaZe clan for under 14s. To join, beat me twice in a build battle. Must have over 3 wins. Defaults are allowed. For PC, PS4, XBox and Switch.



Zone wars. Just FaZe

I really want to try out for faze jr I am only 10 years old

I'm really good at fortnite 

Meetup with the team / Tryouts (epic name: Lifewhyz2 or GrimReapin365)

Just want to play anybody’s else

hello i want to try out for your clan i can do it right now or the day that is on the event if you can thank you!

Anybody wanna join my clan i need members plz my clan name is FAZE abanoubs clan yall play fortnite chill out chat and have fun :)

I wanna tryout

I want to tryout

Chill out and play some Fortnite 

The dyosnwill be in a few days Aden me my user is ttv_abanoubthego and another account kirellos_ but for some reason underscore is smiley face lol

1v1 Peely Pie because I am a bot 

FaZe up add me on PS4 my name is Mr_ahmed_survive

this a fortnite cup for noobs and junior pros

My name Is ForUJon

Meet faze jr members in fortnite battle royal.

1v1 tryout

i want to do a tryout for your clan, my psn is FaZe_issatr4p, my epic is issatr4p. this is a serious request, and if you can 1v1 please send me an confirmation email and the time of when you wanna 1v1 at anonymoum339@gmail.com asap.

Meet the FaZe clan Jr. members! Mics or no mics, any skin. Any platform. My name - bigshape      (I am on PS4)

“Who will win ”

I will win

I need to join the clan

For tryouts

Faze try outs for my group of pals and are epic fortnite gamers please battle us   

Who wants to play turtle wars hmu on xbox or discord both are BONECRUSHER7040

1v1 me


  I've joined FaZe Jr, so I have to do the Build Battle. Epic: Mls.TrollStream Player: Switch

1 v1 to see who is the best my psn is Youtube-dynamo- and my epic is xdynamoツ

I am on ps4 and my epic games username is fizz_bean

Add my epic to play JudexBoyes

my username is ITSMEHUZAIFA

Anybody can join on any platform just add Sudocreme2008 and Authors_of_pain8 and Authors_of_pain9

“No mic squads tryouts for FaZe JRs.4+ wins ages 14 and below. Add me my name is bigshape. Fortnite battle royale. No hay pruebas de escuadrones de micrófono para FaZe JRs.4 + que tengan 14 años o menos.  Agrégame mi nombre es bigshape.  Fortnite battle royale.”

i am really good and i learnt everything by from my friend and his fortnite username is Ahsan T add him and he will teach you everthing by the way the event

 bro i joined ur clan i have 129 wins 2899 elims solo 26 wins 1002 elims duo 39 wins 192 elims squad cause i dont ply squads plz join me!!!! sun or today

Add me let's 1v1 StalledDonkey is account  

Come and test ur skill 😂

My Fortnite Name is FaZe_Sandro_-