Hey guys! If you are reading this, welcome to my clan for kids 12+ here is a friendly clan that does a lot of squads. There is no required amount of time to play each day. I will be on 3:00- 4:30 at least 3 days a week(Eastern time). Weekends i'm on anytime. Thanks and I hope you join. P.s. this clan is no xbox but pc switch and mobile are good



FaZe5 Setback FaZe5 is happeing NOW go hop into BR and FaZe it up cuz today is FAZE5 Good Luck Be aware this will be the BIGGEST FaZe5 EVER in the history of FaZe the winners awards will be below 1. 5 Merch pieces of there choice 2. A FaZe Scuffed controller 3. A zoom meeting with there favo...

There Are Going To Be 10 Rounds Of Box Fighting Who Ever Wins The Most Round Wins The Gift Card

please join

Best players olease

Pls come

i dont know how to type in the thing so im just doing it on this , whats your discord


Add me on discord so I can add you on fortnite p\and have fun and yes I am in faze

Squads username: Faze_Code X freind request me


Please 1v1 me in creative to see how good I am and please don’t be toxic thanks



I’m a Mobile player I’m good at building and I’m really good at aming my epic name is “ OmarQYT”

We can do a 1 v 1’s my epic is DJ WEEEE ;) see you there!! ;) ;) ;)

Join plz I’m bored I want dubs also plz join 😂🤣😅

If want to add my epic name it is NinjaND515_TTVninja add me I will be on at that time 

If you want to join add DJ SNIPED YAAAAA.       All capital letters

 1v1 tournament add me on fortnite at TTv_FaZe_eman

can anyone play in about an hour? my username is Bouncer 1860 anyone who joins my lobby will get a free skin of their choice within the next week!

This 1v1 tournement discover's who's the best at fortnite

plss doe mee 2 mensen en laat je naam van fortnite

Come and join us tomorrow, 1v1s on playground my username retro69swag

play for fun and have two v two un squad and see who can get the most kill in their team of two

If you want to 1v1 my username is IcemanZERO

Need to kill me twice

Anyone wanna play some fortnite email me s2299555@gmail.com