[Fmb] Fortnite Mobile beasts

Looking good Fortnite mobile players to join the FMB clan 

if interested hit me up on insta @george_98053

you need to have at least 1 win and be able to record gameplay and audio. 

Thanks George ( Clan Creator )


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  • Ya_Boi_Arez


    Ya_Boi_Arez — i would like to tryout someone pls get back to me. 
    • StayFresh


      StayFresh — I want to join on your discord 
      • boss_sk8er101

        How do I join?

        boss_sk8er101 — How I join my name is boss_sk8er101
        • Social Kyan

          Do I join if I tap JOIN Clan

          Social Kyan — /\ Up there
          • Social Kyan

            Discord plz

            Social Kyan — whatS your DiScOrD TeLl Me Or SeRvEr  bTw TaG nEeDeD
            • Social Kyan


              Social Kyan — whats your discord or server I want to join  
              • Laythen


                Laythen — H
                • Poor_game_skills


                  Poor_game_skills — Who wants to 1v1 
                  • Poor_game_skills


                    Poor_game_skills — Who wants to 1v1
                    • shaunツ


                      shaunツ — i would like to tryout plz
                      • CRS_V1ckH9per


                        CRS_V1ckH9per — Let me tryout Im a mobile
                        • CRS_V1ckH9per


                          CRS_V1ckH9per — Let me tryout Im a mobile
                          • Demios14

                            Clan tryout

                            Demios14 — Heyyyy i am pretty good at building and editing as well as a god at sniping looking for a competitive environment how can I try out for this clan
                            • dollarde1


                              dollarde1 — Hey I have played since season 3 I’m a no skin highest kill game ( by my self ) is 21, with others my highest kill game with others. Is 27
                              • RushilG

                                I am new

                                RushilG — am I in the clan now do you guys have a discord server or something like that 
                                • logan2404


                                  logan2404 — Im on xbox so we can get alot of wins. Have a mic. And can make videos with noise.
                                  • Dante_FTDleader

                                    micheal somethin

                                    Dante_FTDleader — cool  
                                    • MichaelC


                                      MichaelC — My highest solo - squad is 15 kills
                                      • Dante_FTDleader


                                        Dante_FTDleader — my highest kill mobile game is 19 solo squads o can floor wall ramp double wall duble ramp and have over 200 wins on mobile so CAN I JOIN
                                        • MichaelC

                                          Hi I am a new member with a youtube channel

                                          MichaelC — Hi I am a new member with a youtube channel called (Gamer Nite) and I have 4 subs. My Epic Games name is MikesKillsSnipes
                                          • football_dark881


                                            football_dark881 — hey can i try out
                                            • SAD

                                              want to join

                                              SAD — hey i will try out i foyu want i have a lot of wins but my acc shows as windown on fortnite tracker which sucks but anyway yeah
                                              • Not TheRealFade


                                                Not TheRealFade — I don t think you should let random people just join.1v 1 them first
                                                • nako1999

                                                  Joining the Clan

                                                  nako1999 — Hello, I am the newest member of the clan and I hope to have a great time playing with you guys my, Username is NotEvenTofu but I will change to FMB_NotEvenTofu  
                                                  • VishGames210

                                                    Wassup guys

                                                    VishGames210 — Hey add me as a friend username=VishGames210
                                                    • TTL_Yuckers


                                                      TTL_Yuckers — I just joined the clan, could i please play with anyone in the clan.