Fortnite Mobile Goat

Competitive and be respectful, and let's compete in some tournements and win



I wanna 1v1 someone I’m a six finger claw but still sometimes play quite bad hoping to get in 

Hi my name is Juan and i would like to do some tryouts my Gamertag is Exponential_jUaN

Hi I’m new to the game and the clan if anyone wants to 1 v 1 me I will be online.

Down to just 1v1 just add me @datboi_jesus and join my party if I’m online and tell me why your there

Hi I am really interested in this clan my can I tryout my  user is Faze_bot_96 please text me 404 408 4481

Can I try out for your clan, I'm really interested in this clan and would like to be apart of this clan. My Username is Certii.Z1ツ, and for all the people that want to add me then there is my username, and the slanted smiley face is there in my name for copy and paste that into Fortnite.

I REALLY need a Duo partner for cash cups and stuff please someone. Must be on Oceania servers and on Mobile. My username is ‘DoritoKing2’

Can I try out ? My username is ZADAR1115

My user name Cole Keifenheim 

1v1 anyone?

I play on switch not mobile don’t kick me please

Squads tournament

Can I tryout my epic is Dabkat2009

1v1 me and don’t be toxic please. I am kind of good and I play mobile. My epic: FMC Noo_v

Let's play some creative on my island username DANNYBOYV6

I want to try out for this clan please

We are going to go to creative and 1v1 each other.

1v1 I’m mobile player and in the goat send me your epic for 1v1 let’s gooo

I am a new member and wanna 1v1 someo



Fortnite Mobile Tournament add me LilSavage659YT