Fortnite Nintendo Switch Clan

This clan is for good Nintendo Switch players on Fortnite.



My username is BoidzClapedYou I have 1.9K arena points, I am a really fast editor on switch lite and I can make things go invisible I am 12 Years old.

 My name is Adrian.  Hi. I am a god Nintendo Switch lite player but I do not have discord only a email account text me on hangouts or email lilshamez@gmail.com. I am only 11/12 in 2 months but I am cracked at the game I would like to tryout for a clan  which i think i can join becuase I am really...

I need to add you send me your epic I need to try out

my name is Justin Ohn and playing on pro controller

Tryouts are today add me on fortnite my epic is brave-lai

creative 1v1's and squads/duos        add me my epic is badusername1215