fortnite nitendo switch clan

a fortnite clan with only switch players



join my clan because I am going to be nice and anyone can join even people who are bad at the game or even if your poor.

add me i am alr on switch and i have my own clan , i would like to be allies and help the clan is called sideways squad (sorry for promoting my clan) my user for switch is Luissss bois my user for console is L0gic_121_0

hi if we gift people free v-bucks

Hi we will be doing 1 v 1 and duos tios squads and zone wars two v twos and  3v3

Hi my fortnite name is porgyeet and I would like to join this clan since I play on Nintendo, I play on fridays and saturdays .Thank you.

Please do a tryout with 1v1 and edit course on Friday the 24th at 9pm


1v1 add me FrostyFreeze8888 I can change my skin if u want 

Add me for Duos or whatever  DrSauce3

hi add me my user imsobqdsoyeah we can do duos  that is the link for the clan That is the tryout link form note: just because u filled it out doesn't mean u joined yet  

come join at now

you do not what to miss this


My username is ToadWithATail. Plz frend me

 My name is Adrian.  Hi. I am a god Nintendo Switch lite player but I do not have discord only a email account text me on hangouts or email I am only 11/12 in 2 months but I am cracked at the game I would like to tryout for a clan  which i think i can join becuase I am really...

Come join



friend me dawokas64

Friend me my epic is PLZReP0RteME with a zero not an o

My name in fortnite is Sunwolf8910

anyone down to play?

I am pretty good on nintendo switch you can add me. My user name is Kingjordan113

bro im cracked on Nintendo switch the date I chose might not be the actual date may be a little bit before or a little bit after but anyway you can add me as I'm not online so yeah and my epic is Kill4thomas

you can add me today the other comment was wrong

Yooo add me Bigdongjohn69 let’s play duos 

Be they

Username is NinjaNoafa, friend invite me so we can play duos/squads. I have at least 4 VIctory Royales on solos, just started a week ago.



Have a sweat skin

all of you have to send me an friend request. I will accept 15 people than we will play a little bit creative. after 10 minutes I will accept the next 15 requests and so on. My epic is: Foxidifox

Join my party HS-TJmoney

y epic is ItsMeDarkLord

Must have fish any do not be toxic  Add me gotyou364 

Must have fish any do not be toxic 

Want to try out for the clan

lets just all be bored 

Add stormyvalkyrie and SpiderLordx first so we can play some squad matches! Please join, we’re super friendly!

1v1 and boxfights, username is Nerfedninja297

One player each will gift me 1 or 2 skins

Join Frane clan and try outs are tomorrow 

1v1 me my name is FraneNavy535 and join Frane clan

join my discord

It’s a try out for my clan  add this name Fazelucky_123

I am creating a calm add my epic airking49 

Our clan is called Salty Army If you think we are toxic we really aren´t It is just a fun clan and you will like it

my username is lorcgh

hello is anybody here??????

hi i would like to join here is my epic ty make sure put a space savge with one a cuz the name is taken

also my controller is broken

  l info in the link of how to join acid Rocket clan search it up

who wants to play some duos or squads or creative


hi im from the uk england i play switch and on my way to champion league .i wanna join your clan 

Only one person needed

pls go

I wanna play Arena  so if you want to text  OfficerHarney on discord

email me if want to play name lukefarterpro

I’m just wanting to tryout lol whatever time is best

Call my number to get in so I can add you 303 551 5196

I will try to do the event but if I don’t do it I will do it next time ok

Anyone who wants to be my duo can join. I'll really take anyone in contender league. btw I'm pretty good on switch. My epic is Peter is yeeter

Send me a text at 303 551 5160 leave your gamer tag if need a different time say it in the text (note must have a mic)

come on out we will have multiple 1v1s who ever wins that 1v1 moves on to the second round there is a winners bracket and loser please add me if interested my username is LMG.Energy.Gamer

1v1 me bots I know your scared Gamertage: Rage Trillix

Well I'm hosting a fashion show if u wanna add me I'm 0987joj9 but yeah um just wear your fav skin

If anyone in this clan is interested in playing competitive Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, you can join my clan Loop Competitive. Thanks! :D

how want to do box fight my epic is thec123456 my mic does not work if you have discord you can add me on thec12345#8873

Im new so if you want to 1v1 me join:)

1v1's in playground 

I’m  gunna be playing Fortnite anyone wanna play just tell me your username 

Just doing this for fun.     :) Add my email on Epic:

For fun, and also I might be a little late

We gonna do custom scrims but switch players only so yea. Add me and join my party for the code Epic: ItYaBoiGramCrckr

Join my party, my epic is DannyBoi_YT

This is going to be fun but using only pistols good luck!

Do we have to try out for this clan? I am a decent switch player with over 100 wins and I have a mic, and a pro controller.

If any body will add me my epic is S1mplyFN

Trying to find someone to 1v1 leave your epic below because I have ッ in my epic

Sup i'm new and just wanted to see other people's skill level. My username is RlLindo. I have a mic. I think we will go for like an hour or longer. We could play other games in creative too!

My Epic is lee133si pls box fight

my username is stay goaty inc sorry i messedup the first time

my username is stay goaty inc

anyone can play dous with me email me at if want to play

Playing squads I need three people to join this event. LETS GET SOME DUBS( I might be a bit laggy)

I am a nintendo switch joycon player with about 250 wins.  Started in season 6, have some decent skins.  OK accuracy but decent building.  Me and switch duo placed 236 in winter royale.  

the cold will be be hcveay the thing is drip

We will be trying out anyone who would like to join the clan :)

my username is joyobro449, no mic tho

Anyone want to do like 1v1's or duos together. If so add me my Fortnite username is PhAntom_Be4st.

Anyone want to run some duos?? 

Come play some games with me on fortnite epic name:Nomad Dog

if wanna play feb 8th friday night add fortnitegod.v2 ✨ 

Want to 1v1 Add me on epic YouTube-Cjdog

User add me RL1GHOST 

Just wanna play

I need some to play with cause I'm bored and need a mic

Actually make 6:00

you are all noobs

Check it out website now supports switch controllers! PC sucks!

1v1 adds me at Savagegunner29

1v1 me name on fortnite is pokeballcrusher1

come join but switch only

Plz join Do your epic

I will be playing about 5-10 squad games first four people to join this event will be added as an epic friend and I will be playing with them only

I will be doing a couple squad games and trust me. I will get us all a win. First three to join are the ones I will be playing with

I’ll be playing 1-5 squad maches first 3 to join I’ll play with them username:nahabster99 

I want a trail


Can I have a trial for the clan like a 1v1 or match

Can someone 1v1 in creative plz. Epic = OneShot005 

Send friend request to Quasoscito. 1v1 or play arena with me. :D

Who wants to one v one me im a Nintendo switch lite player and im not bad but im not good just want to play Feel free to send a Friend request to me

Who wants to one v one me im a Nintendo switch lite player and im not bad but im not good

Join for some fun

1v1 on the switch

1v1 on the switch 


I just joined Im better than y'all so come play with me so I can beat you