fortnite nitendo switch clan

a fortnite clan with only switch players



I will try to do the event but if I don’t do it I will do it next time ok

Playing squads I need three people to join this event. LETS GET SOME DUBS( I might be a bit laggy)

I am a nintendo switch joycon player with about 250 wins.  Started in season 6, have some decent skins.  OK accuracy but decent building.  Me and switch duo placed 236 in winter royale.  

the cold will be be hcveay the thing is drip

We will be trying out anyone who would like to join the clan :)

my username is joyobro449, no mic tho

Anyone want to do like 1v1's or duos together. If so add me my Fortnite username is PhAntom_Be4st.

Come play some games with me on fortnite epic name:Nomad Dog

Anyone want to run some duos?? 

if wanna play feb 8th friday night add fortnitegod.v2 ✨ 

Want to 1v1 Add me on epic YouTube-Cjdog

User add me RL1GHOST 

Just wanna play

I need some to play with cause I'm bored and need a mic

Actually make 6:00

you are all noobs

Check it out website now supports switch controllers! PC sucks!

1v1 adds me at Savagegunner29

1v1 me name on fortnite is pokeballcrusher1

come join but switch only

Plz join Do your epic

I will be doing a couple squad games and trust me. I will get us all a win. First three to join are the ones I will be playing with

I will be playing about 5-10 squad games first four people to join this event will be added as an epic friend and I will be playing with them only

I’ll be playing 1-5 squad maches first 3 to join I’ll play with them username:nahabster99 

I want a trail


Can I have a trial for the clan like a 1v1 or match

Can someone 1v1 in creative plz. Epic = OneShot005 

Send friend request to Quasoscito. 1v1 or play arena with me. :D

Who wants to one v one me im a Nintendo switch lite player and im not bad but im not good just want to play Feel free to send a Friend request to me

Who wants to one v one me im a Nintendo switch lite player and im not bad but im not good

Join for some fun

1v1 on the switch

1v1 on the switch 


I just joined Im better than y'all so come play with me so I can beat you