tryhards only

so im nice and I would like a og and noob a nd pro freind ly clan  join other clan  me and my freinds need a girl freind please add me to meet me and them Recon_Twin



streamsnipe dreamy_foot

streamsnipe dreamy_foot all day everday starting now

hello anyone wann playsquads add me twin82-twin_og  i changed my username 

streamsnipe everone

streamnipe anyon e who targets me 

join if u want

fortnite is down for me it say u dont have access to fortnit


Being it on b*tch

Join this link now !! Put ur email in the comments for i can add u to the chat room clan meeting

please join add me Renegade_og_Twin

please streemsnipe twin82-twin all day and 5 day streemsnipe him

Gift me plz

please stemsnipe them  3 days 

please join add me Recon_Twin

add me username Recon_Twin

please join her clan 

please join

please join my username is Twin_theogwalker on fortnite add to join clan and squads 

he is the other owner

im sorry all my freinds are mean to me  I wish I had a clan the would respect me and not be toxic and I already lost freinds 

join then 

please join we are not mean u dont have to try out its a freindly clan 

please join

Have fun with a win win and 

please join we need lots of peoeple

4 players for squads

Try out for the clan

add me to try out its twin_theogwalker


starting right now

try out only good players will get in  my username is twin_ogwalker 

ummm copy that please to join my other clan