FuzioN Esports

We need 4 more person to finish off our team of 5, we will be competing in ESL and GO4R6 tournaments, as well as weekly training. We our a pretty decent squad so far, not at a proffessional level though. We are all around the age of 13-16, but a year or two older or younger will still be ok. I look forward to playing with all that apply.

Thank you for your time

GT Hyper Act Gamer



Gold 1 right now just did placements and 1.4 kd add my discord XGN crazy (SGT) #0762

Hello, wanting to do a tryout with you guys to see if im worth joining your group. My contact on discord is: NASTLYPASTY#4089 

Hello my name is Abu and I am a level 160 and hit plat this season and last season so if I can get a try out I can show u my talent and maybe u can pick me up

i can do it at 12 or 1 or 2 just dm me on discord penta#0981

i would like to try out for this team

I would like to tryout

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1v1s. We will all be taking turns. We will do one play ground so max is 3 people.

Show me what y'all got   

hey can i join your clan or is your clan full?