Get These Nerds!

this clan... my clan... GtN came a long way, we once rose, we once conqured, and unfortanetly we fell. GtN slowly dispered as time passes at this moment the GtN faction will rise to "Get these Nerds!!" again! now to business.. this will be a rainbow six siege clan Xbox 1 i have put great time into this game and i wish to seek a potential team i will go into more detail and maintanence on the clan account on. rules and regulations send a message to   gTn OX timu or rasta5wokenleo my second accounting stats are also posted in my bio to see in not legit garbage as leading a team, ill also read messegas on my smartglass so you wont be ignored. "Lets Get these Nerds!"

for those who are in the clan 

the rules are here

1.Golden Rule play hard the full match never give up never fold

2. if a teammate is not on his game during a match support that player make sure his head is up and gives 100% throughout

3. we all know were we stand in the group everyone is entitled to their opinion but what the leader says goes.

4. there will be no co-leader or any higher rank than what my members are currently. for equal reasons one leader one team..

5. if you cant listen to orders from either me or the other team under any circumstances you will get the boot with no exceptions. we play to win not with our heads cut off

6. always remember rule number 1!!

7.if we kick another teams ass in a gb or scrim refrain from shit talking. we are a humble team and will accept wins and losses like men. If they are talking shit tho and are getting they ass.beat however by all means trash talk GtN doesnt take pity from anybody

8. *every weekend i will host a qualifiers tournament some 4/4 some 5/5 only. with enough members i will pick those who excelled in the latest tournament to participate in the next tourney. The plan is to recruit and qualify players in order to qualify you MUST win atleasy one of the matches out of the two to be apart of the team to be apart of the team in upcoming clan battles and weekly tournies you must win both matches 2/2 in that role of the team ( this clan is no joke)

9. anybody caught recruiting other members or hosting a tourny with out the leaders confirmation will be booted with no exceptions (breaking this rule violates rule #4)

10. this rule is.just as important as the.goldeb rule dont ever. ever! leave in the middle.of a match i will accept specific reasons but intentionally leaving is by far unacceptable

11. GtN may not be the best clan ever or the most known but it is an honor and a privilege to apart of this team tournaments for you guys to also get better as a team over.all

12. if you dont qualify in the tournament by not winning a match, its cool you can play ranked with the team but will not be allowed to participate in clan battles, practices, discussions , or in game team plannings.until next qualifiers tournament

13. change of name is acceptable but not required as long as you know who you with that what matters

14.dont try to join GtN if you are currently in one . if so i.will count that as a potential spy and i will call your clan out for a battle or on the contrary. you. can leave that clan and participate in the tournament on the weekend to be apart of my team 

15. if for any reason you cant attend any special event , practice or anything you will need to be available for inform me immediately and personally i dont need to hear it from anybody else i will not accept that especially if you are needed in an event.

i.dont expect you guys to memorize every rule but acknowledge and follow them.accordingly thank you for the patience




I was down for a good while and now im.back on siege! having kicked off a season finale  with white noise it's bout time to assemble a team! If you are unsure of this event  and what it going read clans description  and rules if interested send a message to gTn OX timus or Rasta5wokenleo  both ar...

let the fight to test our inner game strength commence we would see who worthy of my 12 members show the greatest tenacity