infin8te l4zy (Nintendo switch clan)

Yooooooooooo......... What is up its yo boi Adrian here who just made infin8te  l4zy clan a nintendo switch only clan.
here is a quick/ not rly summary of the clan and the rules
 Sorry but my voice may sound like a girl. As you can tell I play on switch .This clan is a Nintendo Switch  free for all clan that would like to become a competitive clan when we are ready.  These are the requirements for joining   infin8te  l4zy  . First take the survey in the events bar so I  could see how good you are. 
 Please note that If you are misbehaving or nor following the rules I have the right to kick or not let you join the clan. These are the rules
  • 20 or more wins
  • nontoxic
  • must add me(epic is )    ChibiRIkku
  • no hackers
These are the tryouts rules
  • tryouts will be at random times you will need to add me
  • we will 1v1 best out of 3
  • Box fights best out of 5
  • finally we will play duos/squads and if you get the most kills you win
  • Beat me in 2/3 of these events  and you get to join
I will alert you guys when we will have a meeting, or a clan battle,

Thank you and I will see you all on the lobby =) 

Reminder I am only 11 and almost 12 so i currently do not have discord so you can email me at lilshamez@gmail.com i will see you in the 30fps lobbies

This is the google form link