Joint Force Rainbow (Merged to Horizon Esports)

RECRUITING ESL|Discord PC R6 Clan | Mature players+ above silver ranked| NA and EU ESL teams | Casual + Ranked 


[Transfered to Horizon Esports due to 200+ members being kicked by glitch] Hello, this clan is mainly focused on Rainbow Six Siege but it is also a place for gamers to hang out and chill together. WE ARE LOOKING TO RECRUIT HIGH TIER Esports PLAYERS. Our ranks range from silver to diamond and having mic is preferred. Enjoy your stay! We are a discord based clan, join us (Horizon) at: https://discord.gg/wuA4e4C If you are interested in joining our esports team fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/sUbhGDUOw93Emm5w2