Kings Esport (PC,SEAS)


Kings Esport was recently form, but we have has been for quite a while. Now we forming a team so that we can train for ESL and we are looking at this year that we can enter ESL and become one of the powerhouse in asia. We are about total of 800+ hours for each person so we can be quite good but need more ppl to train and get strong together.

Looking for

We are looking for member that committed to train hard and in the same time have fun together. A scrimmage will be play before we decide to include into the team, it is not so hard but we also need some form of experience in you. We are a chinese speaking team but we will use english to communicate if there is a english speaking member. For your info we are a team with a mix of from singapore ad malaysia players so it would be best that we can recruit somewhere near player so that our ping will not suffer much.


You can contact me in steam and state that u interested to join our team(but first u had to add me as friend)


Normally we will train from 8.30pm GMT +8, and we will train about 3 to 4 hours. weekend will we play normally more but will depend on our schedule.